Bipolar, Unemployed & Lost Vlog


I can’t help but reblog this for many reasons!

Watch this beautiful African American woman/mental health advocate Tempest (forgive me, my friend, if I spelled it wrong!) with bipolar disorder speak out!

Long ago “Oh Temp” (her alias until today!) published my “You’re Just Like Me” interview on her blog and she made me feel like my experience with bipolar mattered.

She’s eloquent, super-funny, honest – and she said some really nice things about me. I’d still reblog this even she said mean things about me. Follow her blog & Twitter today, please! :) 

This is the kind of blogger who I believe in with all my heart, and who inspires me for the way in which she’s fully “out” with bipolar disorder.

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p.s. i am wearing my fitbit, which i love… get on that..

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