Waterfalls of the Freaky Kind



Last night as I readied myself for bed, all seemed calm in the Harwood household.  Craig & I tucked our daughter Avonlea into the top of our girls’ bunk bed.  It had been a long day, and I shuffled slowly away, zombie-like, while Craig & Lucy, our seven-month-old puppy, lingered behind.  

Craig leaned down to pick a shirt off the floor.

Suddenly I heard a retching sound.  I looked across the room at Avonlea and saw a waterfall emanating from her mouth onto Craig’s back AND all over Lucy’s luxuriant fur.

It was a Linda Blair-esque moment.  

After my initial shock and repulsion, I took my poor girl’s gush in stride.  I cleaned up the mess right away without even griping.  For the record, being around vomit makes me want to do the same, but I kept my dinner down where it belonged.  We all lucked out because there was no repeat hurling the rest of the night.

Lucy reeked, however.  Her thick fur is multi-layered, so she soaked up the fluid like a highly absorbent sponge.  Unfortunately I was far too tired to stick her in the tub for a quick wash.  (There is no “quick wash” with a super-energetic puppy!)

Between the lithium, the MAOI Parnate, and the Seroquel that I take nightly (topped off with the beginnings of a nasty cold) I was more than ready to collapse into bed.

Today I’m taking Avonlea to our pediatrician.  Apart from the waterfall incident, we suspect she could possibly have strep throat.  Poor stinky Lucy will require a thorough bath and since I’m sick, I’ll have to work extra-hard to summon the energy to just do it.


Dy & Avi

 Avonlea in healthier times and her exhausted Mom

Due to my hateful cough,I’m at the gruesome hour of 4:00 a.m. this morning.  I had a burst of coffee-induced energy, but now I’m fading fast, so this will not be a 1742 word post like the last one.  

Please believe me when I tell you that I knew in my heart that my last post was WAY too long.  I could have (and should have) cut it in half.  (Thanks, Mom, for pointing that out to me during our last phone conversation!)  My excuse for that egregious error is that while writing the post on the cusp of my cold, I ran out of writerly steam and I didn’t edit the way I normally would.  

I ask for your forgiveness and I’ll try not to do it again. ;)

THANKS, by the way, for your wonderful replies to my last post “The Queen of Mediocrity” – I appreciated your supportive & insightful comments more than you know!

have a great weekend,


p.s. This weekend I’m getting my Halloween costume ready.  I’m going to be a RED PEN at Avonlea’s suggestion!  She astutely observed my overzealous nature when correcting her homework and she thought I’d be a great red pen!  What will you be?


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